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About Surfskating

Surfskates were invented by surfers to help them train during off-seasons and it has since grown in popularity all over the world. Just like any other sport, surfskating requires a good foundation. If you start by learning the right techniques and cultivating the right habits from the right people, you'll progress faster and improve steadily.

Surfskating helps you find your flow, just like how it would be when you're surfing on actual waves.


Both our head coaches have been surfing since 1995 and are now surfing on a National level with strong backup from big surf brands like Oakley, Reef and SmoothStar.


For people who are surfers or are interested to learn surfskating right here in the sunny island of Singapore, 19Dreams is the right choice.

You gotta try it to know it because as the famous surfing quote goes,


Catch our 3-part video below to know more!

Surfskate - 19Dreams Couch Surfing Episode 3/3 - Fitness

Surfskate - 19Dreams Couch Surfing Episode 2/3 - Surf's Up

Surfskate - 19Dreams Couch Surfing Episode 1/3

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